• Powerful, versatile and easy-to-use CAD software for designing of complex 3D parts,Moulds & electrodes.

    • PowerSHAPE is a versatile CAD program that combines Parasolid ™ with easy-to-use surface, (DGK) and triangle modeling. Whether you start with just an idea or a partially or fully detailed CAD model, PowerSHAPE will help you get your job done quickly and easily.

    Easy to Use

    • PowerSHAPE simplifies drawing with its patented Smart Cursor feature. This feature streamlines the workflow and automates surface creation using process-oriented Wizards for complex shapes.



    • PowerSHAPE lets you design 3D models that cannot be designed using conventional CAD techniques, allowing you to combine all componentslike surfaces, solids or triangles.


    • PowerSHAPE is designed to complement PowerMILL & FeatureCAM allowing you to make any production changes without interrupting your machining.


    • PowerSHAPE is based on 40 years of CADCAM experience from Delcam Geometric Kernal & also uses the world's most reliable 3D geometry kernal Parasolid.


    • PowerSHAPE helps you get parts on your machine as soon as possible by automating complex tasks such as Core & Cavity separation, separation, parting surface creation.e.c.t.



    Comprehensive model repair tools allows you to find and fix all modeling and translation problems.
    • Reconstruct missing or damaged surfaces
    • Close holes and gaps
    • Erase overlapping geometries
    • Repair cropping errors and many more


    • Interactive model analysis tools identify potential production problems before they begin processing.
    • Finding thin walls and small diameters that require special machining operations
    • Shifting surfaces to maintain machining allowance
    • Joining surfaces to facilitate machining
    • Creating multi-axis reference surfaces

    Making Changes

    Powerful Design for Manufacture tools allow you to make all the changes you need quickly and easily.
    • Create radiuses and make changes to facilitate machining
    • Adding exit angles for easy part release after moulding.
    • Identify non-machinable areas to plan electrode
    • Create any kind of complex parting surfaces and shut-off surfaces
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