• Professional, high-speed and multi-axis CAM software

    • PowerMill is an advanced CAM software that shows exceptional success in machining large or complex parts where quality, precision and manufacturing efficiency are of the utmost importance.

    • You can transfer data from virtually any CAD program including surfaces, solids or STL mesh into PowerMill and calculate high-quality 3 to 5-axis NC codes using highly efficient CAM algorithms.

    • PowerMill combines highly effective algorithms with exceptional levels of control to create, manage and optimize toolpaths to produce the most complex parts seamlessly

Advantages of using PowerMill;

• Easy, fast & user-friendly interface
• Powerful strategies for achieving extrodinary surface finish
• Modern Windows interface with multi-threading & 64bit processor support for super fast calculation speeds on large complex models and for tight-toleranced toolpath calculations.
• Detailed training videos in english & tamil
• Easy to learn & use by any machinist / operator
• Less machining time.
• Different varients available to supports till 5 axis milling & robot programming.

Subscription benefits to PowerMill :

• Extreamely low entry cost to adopt CAM technology
• Reduced low entry cost allows the budget to be utilaized for oter ardware purchases like High-feed cuters, Shrink-fit-holders,4th axis attachments, e.c.t.
• Can increse / decrese te number of seats as per the requirements through subscription
• Upgrade / Downgrade the software as per changing market requirements.
• Software will be always up to date during annual subscription. No AMC, e.c.t..
• Best Technical support to delight customer for achieving regular subscription renewals
• Three varients of PowerMill are available to meet different requirement: PowerMill Standard, PowerMill Premium, and PowerMill Ultimate. For product comparison, please visit
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