• Produce your parts faster with automated CAM software for CNC programming

    • FeatureCAM software automates the entire process from designing your workflow to NC code generation. Reduces programming time and achieves consistent results in CNC milling, turning and wire erosion.

    Move from CAD design to machined quality parts faster

    • FeatureCAM® CNC programming software automates your entire workflow from design to NC code generation. Reduce programming time and increase consistency in various CNC applications.

    Standardize applications and support repeatability

    • FeatureCAM CNC programming software makes intelligent decisions, produces results, and removes repetitive processes using manufacturing information
    • Manufacturers can standardize best practices and quality standards, as well as support duplication across all employees using the same settings

    FeatureCAM gives you comprehensive machine support

    • Use a single interface for all your CNC applications
    • Get more from your 3 to 5-axis milling cutters, lathes, turning-milling centers, Swiss-type lathes and wire EDM machines
    • Visualize programming within the limits of your machining process using simulation tools

  • Advantages of use :

    • Reduce programming time by programming parts faster.
    • Always get stable and high quality results with built-in intelligence.
    • Supports CNC Milling machines, CNC lathes, Turn-Mill centers, Swiss type lathes & Wire EDM machines.
    • Safety features that safe-guard your machines form collissions / accidents while machining
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